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Masked Angelfish

Angels - Large

Masked Angelfish Male, Genicanthus personatus

The Masked Angelfish is endemic to Hawaii and is usually found in deep waters to 200 feet.  It can be found in less deep waters in the northern Hawaiian Islands.  The male pictured at left was photographed at Midway Island.  The male and female pictured below are from the Waikiki aquarium.

Males have orange coloration on the head and fins, while females only have orange at the tip of the pelvic fin.  Masked angels feed on plankton in the wild.  The young all have female coloring.  Males dominate a harem of females.  Masked Angels are not found in the aquarium trade and collecting is restricted in many areas.  Specimens sold for aquariums would be rare, high priced and detrimental to the viability of the species in the wild. 

Masked Angelfish, Genicanthus personatus
Masked Angelfish male, Genicanthus personatus

Scientific Name: Genicanthus personatus
Family: Pomacanthidae
Care: Difficult
Temperature: cool - to 200 feet
Size: 21 cm; 8 inches


Not recommended for aquarium life.